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Long Term Disability

The only form of insurance that actually pays you.

Think about that for a moment. The home insurance carrier writes checks to the contractor or the furniture outlet. The auto policy pays the body shop. Dental insurance pays the dentist and health insurance pays the hospital. Even your life insurance proceeds don't come to you, obviously.

During our life, we acquire things with our income and call them assets. We buy insurance on our stuff, just in case someone steals it, or it burns up or blows away.

Yet all of those things, all of our stuff...are direct by-products of our income. However, most of us couldn't live three months without it. If we ever lose our ability to bring home a paycheck, by way of an illness or injury ...we're going to lose our stuff anyway, because we won't be able to keep up with the payments, not to mention the premiums on the policies we've bought to protect the stuff. That has never made sense to me.

Why does everyone insure the golden eggs, and leave the goose for last?

It should be the first thing we insure, and if we have to choose between making sure that the doctors and hospitals get paid or whether our house payment or grocery bill is covered, for most people that should be a no-brainer. Yet how many people have health insurance and don't have disability coverage? How have we gotten trained into that thinking?

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Here's a little statistic that has stayed with me over the years. Of all the mortgage foreclosures in this country, 49% are caused by a disability. 3% are caused by death, yet everyone has mortgage life insurance. See what I mean about our priorities?

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