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Life Insurance

Everyday I am bombarded with letters and emails offering me "70% off on life insurance rates!!"

You probably get the same stuff. Let me explain how this works. There are quoting services that most of the major carriers subscribe to. Upwards of eight hundred or so life insurance carriers provide their rating software to these marketing firms, and you absolutely can obtain some very competitive quotes.

I have access to the same carriers, and can get you the same products at the same prices. I often use those very search engines to determine the best prices, and I am licensed with literally dozens of the most competitive companies. There is no competitive advantage in by-passing the agent.

On the contrary, we can help in determining the right kind, the proper amount, the correct ownership and beneficiary arrangements, and provide counsel and professional advice not otherwise available through the internet. You can get the price you want...and the service along with it. We also make sure the carrier is highly rated for your protection.

Okay, so we have eight hundred or so carriers, each offering 6-10 different products. How does one sort this out?

Let me try to boil this down to one simple concept. Life insurance is acquired the same way we get our homes, cars, and major appliances. We can either BUY it or LEASE it.

BUYING life insurance is called "permanent" insurance. LEASING it is otherwise known as "term" insurance. There's a place for both, and neither is always right or always wrong. We'll show you both ways, of course.

You buy life insurance to create an estate, and/or to replace lost income. If you already have an estate of over $1,000,000 or so, you may wish to consider life insurance as a way to fund estate taxes. You can use life insurance to cover a debt, insure a spouse, buy out a partner, cover a key employee, or leave money to a charity. One of my favorite uses is to fund a child's college education, because the cash value isn't subject to any calculations used to determine your need for any grants or student loans.

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